Our Process

We practice a very unique form of assessing our projects. We have compiled years of experience that has given us the edge needed to better prepare us for tomorrow’s market conditions.¬†Below are some general methods we use while assessing our targets.

Other steps we exercise during our development process include:

  1. Identify Targets which meet our business mandate and search criteria
  2. Aggressively negotiate rock bottom acquisition pricing and terms in order to maximize company returns.
  3. Conduct thorough feasibility & due diligence studies including market analysis and identify major economic drivers in the area.
  4. Create an attractive marketing plan and product which has an edge on other developments in the area.
  5. Work closely with architects, engineers, and other staff to design a competitive if not superior product while working diligently with city officials to keep the re-zoning, development, and building permit process moving forward in a timely/efficient manner.
  6. Monitor construction, quality control, budgets, and timelines closely.  Work closely with the sales team, marketing companies, stay on top of market demand, and competitors.
  7. Address any deficiencies, ensure customer satisfaction!

For more information or enquiries feel free to contact info@ascentuscapitalgroup.com.